The commercial carpets do not seem to receive the same attention as the home carpets do.  Clean your commercial carpets well and organize for them to be clean regular.  It is important to clean your commercial carpet so that it would stay looking like it is new for a long time.   Identify the kind of commercial carpet that you have in your office so that you can make the best choice on the methods and the solutions to use for cleaning the commercial carpets.


Most of the commercial carpets can be cleaned using water.  The carpet owner has to know the carpet backing and the method used to attach the commercial carpet on the floor.  The carpet fibers and the yarns used to make the commercial carpets are different, and so it is important to know which one as this will also determine the method you will use to clean your commercial carpet.  When you understand your type of carpet you will be able to use the right amount of water to clean it and also the best products and solutions.


The cleaning service contractors at will understand the amount of water that should be applied to your carpet and know the amount of water which should be applied when cleaning the carpets, the more water that you clean the carpet with, the more the water the better and efficiently and again you will not have to use so much water and spoil it.  Using excessive water can make the carpet to develop molds, stretching can cause damages to the sub floor of the carpet and then damage the adhesive.  These are some of the problems but once you determine the type of your carpet, you will be able to determine the correct amount of water and the different solutions to use so that you can avoid any problems with your carpets.  There are many types of carpet backing but the main categories are and non-resistant and water-resistant.  For the commercial carpet applications the carpet is generally concrete, and the carpet is glued directly on the floor, if the carpet is water will reach the concrete and then drying can take a long time. Most of the adhesive are water soluble, and so the water dissolves them.  The commercial carpets with water resistant backing dry fast.


The loop pile has carpet fibers which create the closed loop which is more tightly woven and it has fewer places where the dirt can get lodged or where water can soak in, and the cut pile has an open face yarn that has individual threads. Water cannot be retained and also water.



They also use the best tools and equipment and therefore your carpet will be professional cleaned at